[Review] - Convoy M21C SST40 2300 lumen 5000K Neutral White - by Lock

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[Review] - Convoy M21C SST40 2300 lumen 5000K Neutral White - by Lock

In this review we will see the Convoy M21C: powerful shooting torch equipped with SST40 LED in Neutral White version (5000K). The torch can be purchased on Aliexpress.

Packaging and content
The Convoy M21C arrives in a sturdy anonymous cardboard box. A small label on the side allows you to identify the model of the flashlight and the color of the LED.
A thick layer of packaging foam blocks the torch inside the package, preventing its movement. There is no accessory and no user manual.

Main features:
• Uses an SST40 LED (XHP70.2 also available)
• Available colors 5000K (also available 3000K, 4000K and 6500K)
• Color: Titanium (also available in Black and Sand)
• Maximum output: 2300LM
• Max output current: over 6000mA (sst40) or 4800mA (XHP70.2)
• Mode: 0.1%, 3%, 30%, 100%
• Power supply: 1x21700
• Electronic Tail Switch
• Weight: 275g (without battery)
• Working voltage 3.0 - 4.2V
• Dimensions: 163mm (length) x 55mm (head diameter) x 28mm (body diameter)
• Reflector: SMO
• Max light intensity: 98000cd
• Max distance: 626m
• Thermal control & Memory Mode
• Lens with double anti-reflective treatment
• Waterprof IPX8
• Impact resistance 1.5m

Output and runtime levels
The Convoy M21C has 4 normal output levels and there is no special or stroboscopic level. The outputs are divided as follows:

• Turbo 100%: 2300 lumens declared (measured 2012 lm) 
• High 30%: n.d. (measured 780 lm) 
• Mid 3%: n.a. (measured 51 lm) 
• Low 0.1%: n.d. (measured 3 lm)

Light intensity declared for the various output levels

• Turbo 100% - 98000cd - 626 m
• High 30% - - 35000cd - 374 m
• Mid 3% - 3600 cd - 120 m
• Low 0.1% - 100 cd - 20 m

The runtime schemes on the "Turbo" and "High" levels are shown below, using a 5000mAh Rofis 21700 cell as the power source.

The body and materials
The Convoy M21C is a compact and powerful shooting torch. Powered by a single 21700 cell, it produces a well focused but not excessively narrow beam. The tint of the model seen in this review is Neutra, 5000K.

In the hand it is comfortable, well balanced. The switch is easily operated.

The optical part is composed of a single SST40 LED capable of delivering approximately 2000 real OTF lumens to the Turbo (2300 lumens are declared on the card for the 6500K version).

The reflector is smooth, mirror polished and quite deep. In the center the small SST40 is well centered thanks to a white centraled.

The bezel is made of stainless steel, particularly thick.

The anodizing is well done, opaque and smooth. The knurling on the central body is made with the use of series of small horizontal millings parallel to each other. The presence of vertical milling further improves the grip.

Thick and deep dissipation fins abound on the head.

The tail is not flat but with a little attention it is still possible to use the flashlight in tailstanding. Two large holes allow you to connect laynard, paracord or small carabiners.

The tail switch has a double stroke: half pressed it allows the variation of the levels, while pressed all the way it switches the torch on or off. Thanks to the U-shape of the tailcap, the switch is easily detectable even if thick gloves are worn.

There is no charging port. The impermeability to liquids is given as IPX-8. The threads are anodized only on the tailcap side and physical interface lockout is allowed. Electronic lockout, however, appears to be unavailable.

At both the negative and positive pole we find a golden spring. There are therefore no particular problems for the use of long cells.

The torch can be disassembled into three parts: head, body and tailcap.

User interface
The interface is very simple, perhaps even too much! XD

With the light off: 
• With a total pressure of the switch, the flashlight turns on in the last mode used (Memory Mode)
• No function for partial pressure of the switch when the torch is off. I would have liked maybe to have a Momentary On.

With the light on: 
• With a partial rapid pressure it will pass to the next output level.
• With a partial long press you will have the Momentary Off or the light will turn off until the switch is released.
• With a total pressure of the switch up to the "click", the torch will turn off

There is no shortcut for direct access to the Turbo or Low level. There are also no special levels available. Really simple interface!

Beam, Tinta and Beamshots
Purely shooting beam and a Turbo power of over 2000 lumens OTF allow the Convoy M21C to go far. Over 600 meters of theoretical shooting with 96000cd, translate into reality in lighting well up to 200-250mt.
The beam is wide, with a very bright and well focused, but not excessively narrow central spot. The crown around the spot is bright, the spill can be used to see well in the immediate vicinity. The Neutral tint, 5000K, tends to warmer colors on the low levels. In general it is uniform over the whole beam.

Following some shots in the dark ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Final Considerations

Interesting product this M21C especially for the price at which it is sold. With around thirty euros it is possible to take home a powerful and good quality shooting torch.

On this model, everything was superfluous. We do not have any type of accessory or spare part, not even a user manual with the technical specifications or a leaflet with the datasheet and which describes the Main Features of the product.

The build quality is excellent, the abundant thicknesses, the finishes with attention to detail.

The interface is very simple, perhaps too much, it reminds me of the torches of a decade ago. There is neither direct access to the Turbo nor to the Low level and there is no special or stroboscopic level. However, there is the Memory Mode that stores the last level used and it is the Momentary Off (but I don't know if this is a desired thing).

Overall I consider it an interesting product: it illuminates well, a lot of power and pleasant color, excellent regulation, quality materials, can be powered with 21700 cells, excellent waterproofing.What else do you want?

Thanks for reading!!! XD

Hugh Johnson
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Excellent review. Thank you.

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A quick note. You might want to change “everything was superfluous” to “ nothing was superfluous”. “Everything was superfluous” means that everything was unnecessary while “nothing was superfluous” means that there was nothing unnecessary. I do believe you meant the latter.

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Very nice review lock! Looks like another excellent flashlight from Convoy. Thanks for posting.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

Hugh Johnson
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I see there’s also an XHP70 version now available. Specs pending but reported to come with Biscotti.

Are SST-40 emitters not available in 4,000K?