[4K Review] NITECORE TIP2 keychain light

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[4K Review] NITECORE TIP2 keychain light

My review of the NITECORE TIP2 and the search for a lost Flashaholic…

My 4K Lumen Whore Reviews (MS18, X70, MS12, DX80, X80-GT, X45vn etc) - http://www.youtube.com/c/FLASHAHOLIC_TV

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Great review!
This may be my favorite small light design of all time.
I had one but gave it to a buddy who can handle the memory mode.
For this kind of light I really need easy access to low without messing around and shielding it when I turn it on.
Hoping they come out with a version with different UI.
Also it’s pretty easy to mod, if you hold your iron underneath the emitters you don’t even have to remove the board.
If anyone knows something in the UI that would allow turning off memory mode or a shortcut to low please post it. It’s possible I missed something!

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Nice review as always! I really like mine although the clip seems cheap and flimsy, it has held up to pocket carry. The size and shape make it perfect per the pocket.