Sofirn charger?

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Sofirn charger?

Is there any information about the little single-bay charger Sofirn is including with some of their lights? Recently purchased a C05 which came with this charger. Would be a super convenient travel charger if its any good…

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WalkIntoTheLight reviewed the Sofirn SP32A with charger here on BLF.
He says:
The charger is a simple USB charger, and comes with a micro USB cable. You can charge all sorts of battery sizes with it, and it claims it charges at 750mA. Red light when charging, green light when done. The final charge level is 4.185v. I’ve used these kind of chargers lots of times, and they’re great for a portable charger for 14500 and 18650 cells, as well as other sizes you might have.

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I’d say it depends on the individual charger. Cheap they are. Many are fine, a few are wonky. Best if you have at least a DVM to check termination voltage. Trust but verify.

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