Olight i5T EOS short review

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Olight i5T EOS short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog. Use google translate. Original language: Hungarian.
In this short article I will show you the Olight i5T EOS EDC flashlight.

Brand: Olight
Model: i5T EOS
Emitter: Osram P9
Luminous Flux: 300 LM
Max Beam Intensity: 910 cd
Switch: forward clicky
Battery: 1x AA alkaline or AA NiMH
Modes: 2 (low, high)
Lens: TIR
Waterproof: IPX8

The package contains very few accessories. One AA alkaline battery and one user manual are included.

It can be taken in two parts.

The head and body are made in one piece. The Osram P9 emitter is visible under a TIR lens on the front. The driver is visible from the ground, connected to the positive side of the power supply with a copper block. The body is made with the characteristic “DNA” pattern. Looks really good.

The cap is very heavy due to the copper insert. The thread is of good quality, the switch is forward clicky, “tactical” design.

Size compared to other flashlights:

AA battery, Zebralight SC5w, Convoy T2, Olight i5T EOS, Olight S2R Baton 2, Astrolux S1.
Easy to use. When the button is pressed halfway, the lamp illuminates in low mode. Releasing the button turns off. After pressing the button, quickly release and then press the button again to change modes. Pressing the “click” button turns always on, then you can’t switch modes, just turn off the lamp. No strobe or flashing, no problem.

I wondered if he was warming up. The graph shows that it was slightly lukewarm but not hot. The horizontal axis indicates time, the vertical axis the temperature in ° C. Convert to Fahrenheit formula is: ° F = ° C · 1.8 + 32.

Let’s look at the runtime graph:

You can see that it holds 300 lumens for 3 minutes and then step down to 52%, which lasts for 153 minutes. Then its light slowly dims and then turns off. The high mode can be activated several times in a row, then no warm-up can be experienced.

I made the comparison beamshot photos. You might want to look at how wide the light beam of the i5T EOS. It glows almost 180 degrees wide. The distance isn’t long, but it’s an EDC flashlight, not really for outdoor use.

Simple = great. One of my favorite EDC flashlights has become the i5T EOS. It is not complicated, the AA battery is easy to replace, the AA NiMH battery provides a long service life. Its light is pleasant and its size is ideal. The exterior I think is exceptionally attractive.
You can buy: olightworld.com

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