Sofirn SP33 V3 Review (3500 Lumens, Multi battery compatible, Very Affordable)

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Zappaman][quote=d_t_a wrote:
Scimmy wrote:

Per my test, the SP33 “v2” now (uses XHP50.2 3-volt LED) doesn’t have that “continuous” output.
Only the earlier batch SP33v2 (uses XHP50.2 6-volt LED) has the constant regulation, and that earlier batch doesn’t seem available (unless older stock).

Oops! I missed that bit of info! Facepalm

I indeed have the old V2 version (and the older XML original version before that!). And I do also have the V3 (several) as well. Good lights in any version really.

But given a choice between the NEW V2 and the SD-05 (dive light) I’d get the SD-05. It’s not too blue in the standard 6k (or so) config, but I like the 5k range and so I’m ALSO waiting on 5k versions of BOTH an SP33 V3 and SD-05 (which went out-of-stock about 3 months back).

The older SD05 (“2550 lumens” manufacturer spec) also uses XHP50.2 6 volt LED (by my guess), since it has the same max tailcap current of around 6 Amps (same as earlier SP33v2).

The newer SD05 which now has “3000” lumens manufacturer spec), now uses XHP50.2 3 volt LED (per my guess), the max tailcap current is now higher — similar to the new SP33v2, around 8-9 Amps or maybe up to 10 Amps max, depending on the battery.

Another thing I noticed:
older SD05 and also the earlier SP33v2, do not have PWM on all modes (lower brightness)

the newer SD05 and the new SP33v2, will use “fast” PWM on lower brightness levels (may not be visible though unless specifically checking for it like I do by shining the flashlight through fan blades)

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Mine arrived this afternoon and I’m certainly pleased with the way it looks.. It’s on charge at the moment and I’m looking forward to walking the dog when it gets dark.