Better Budget lights on a Budget

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Better Budget lights on a Budget

I ordered an $18 nice Solarforce L2T body from the other day, along with one of their tactical AA lights.

In a drawer, I have an old 501B with a 3-mode Thrunite drop-in that takes 3.7-8.4v, so it runs on 2xCr123...

Figured since I haven't lit up the 501B for 8 or 10 months, I'd move the thrunite over to the L2T and have a nice useable light, with an Ultrafire body as a spare in the drawer. so nor for $18 I have a much nicer light, loaded and ready to go.

think my wife will understand that logic?

what have you done to get nicer lights, but cheaper?

Rats, finally sold my 2010 509hp I can buy more lights!

Sold the red one too! Now guess what I drive, doing my penance for 500 hp commuters...