Upgraded ACEBEAM X80GT 2 Bright LED Flashlight

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Upgraded ACEBEAM X80GT 2 Bright LED Flashlight

Experience the incredible power of the Acebeam X80GT 2 Soda can sized portable bright flashlight !

✔ Ultilizes 18 x XHP50.3 HI LED emitters
✔ Max 34,000lms output and throw further than 5 football fields
✔ Adopts boost driver (Constant-Current&Constant-Voltage)
✔ Simple and straightforward UI design
✔ Seven Brightness Levels & Strobe
✔ Including 4 × 18650 3100mAh high drain rechargeable batteries
✔ Attachable handle for alternative carrying option
✔ A 4ft impact resistance and IPX-8 rating

Updated 2021/12/20

The X80GT 2 is the successor of the X80GT that is a soda can-sized flashlight that can fit your pockets. It’s higher performance than X80GT to pump out 34,000 Lumens from 18* latest XHP50.3 LEDs and reach over 544 yards away. The X80GT 2 is powered by four IMR 18650 batteries (included). The combination of huge outputs and small size means this light is a go-to for search and rescue teams, campers and outdoorsmen all over the world.

Learn more: https://www.acebeam.com/x80gt-2

Edited: Updated 12/15/21

ACEBEAM professional X80-Series flashlights/torches are working in caving, climbing and treking and other outdoor activities.”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyR0d49wYmk

ACEBEAM X80 work in Underground Everest 860 meters”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQO6IqLShsc

More about X80

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Shocked Shocked Thumbs Up Man would I love a set of those Big Smile I love my X45 and L30 lights.

Doug S.

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I have the X80GTvn. Love that light! So ultra bright for such a small size. Also it can sustain very high lumens due to the ultra high efficiency.

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There’s definitely something to be said for packing together as many as you can, of the highest power emitters you can find, in whatever form factor.

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How about the idea to testing 12x Osram KR CSLNM1.23 in your X80-CRI version?


It would probably result in much more throw compared to the floody Epileds 5050 LEDs at the same output of approx. 2.500lm of red light (12x 200lm).

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awesome pic! 

you`re my fave brand

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Professional and authoritative Acebeam agent with the lowest price.

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I know this light may be a little outdated these days however, I have been contemplating
the purchase for a while now and decided to get one. What cinched it for me was an
ebay seller offering this light for $201. I have no idea how he can sell this for that
price but he does and did. Received it in 2 days via FedEx. Pretty amazing light.

What surprised me was that after watching several videos on this unit and, even writing
an email to Acebeam inquiring whether or not any of the color leds had strobe
functions and being told no, I found by accident today that the red and blue emitters
will strobe in a PD blue-red cycle and, the red emitter will do SOS.

The ebay seller I got it from “sportinggearunlimited” states he still has 10 to sell at that
same price. Free shipping but you have to pay tax because he is in NC.

Well worth the price.

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The ACEBEAM X80GT/X80GT 2 is not only the ultimate search light, but also it’s a perfect photography fill light. You can see this companion works with the first RED Digital Cinema Komodo!!

Learn more: https://www.acebeam.com/x80gt-2