Xtar PB2S - vampire current drain

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Xtar PB2S - vampire current drain

I’m interested in the Xtar PB2S. I came across a review that was pretty detailed and indicated that it’s not a good idea to store batteries in the PB2S because it slowly drain the battery, then when the voltage gets low enough, will start draining the battery even more. I’m having trouble finding that review again to look at the details on what the vampire current drain was, but the reviewer seem to think it was a significant concern.

I read a couple of PB2S reviews on here, and I’m wondering if maybe this issue has been fixed by now? I’m not looking to store cells long term in the charger/powerbank, but I also don’t want a faulty product.

I’m looking for a charger that can also be a USB power bank. Two cells is a perfect size, and looking for 18650 to 21700 battery compatibility. If you have other recommendations, I’d be interested.

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Probably from HKJ's review of the PB2S:


(also in a link within BLF)

For the index of chargers, check here:



The TOMO A2 and TOMO D2 are 2x 26650 powerbank/charger (A2 has a basic "dots" to indicate battery level, while D2 has a bit more informative display).
I think they might fit some unprotected 21700 batteries, although 18650s will be too loose for them.

Tomo D2

Can't find the TOMO A2 in Tomo's website, but it's here:

Not exactly what you're looking for (18650 + 21700 powerbank/charger), but hoping they're close..


The YZX Studio Terminator T12B is an advanced 2x 21700 powerbank, but I'm not sure if the batteries are easily removable, and this item would likely be difficult to source outside of China..

Item link (Taobao - China - website is in Chinese)

(not sure but the 2x21700 batteries may be built-in, and not easily removable though)..

Some other pictures from user feedback in Taobao:



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Yeah, that’s the review. I guess this drains the battery at <= 0.1mA.

Thank you. And thanks for the other suggestions too.