Bangood Express shipping option can be PDQ

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Bangood Express shipping option can be PDQ

I wasn’t able to find much about the “Banggood Express” shipping option before ordering, other than it’s an in-house solution started last year. Distinct from the generic “Express Shipping” option.

But the 10-15 (business) day estimate, vs. 20-35 days for Air Parcel Register, and for a few cents less made the choice easy.

It turned out this way:

Ordered 9/11
Shipped 9/12
USPS Label generated 9/12
Received by USPS 9/19
Delivered by USPS 9/21

Not too shabby. Even the USPS did its part by delivering two days sooner than the initial estimate given after it had received the package.

Keeping it in-house, or the contractor’s house, using direct air to a local warehousing partner (Flyt/Bloomsung, apparently), and bypassing normal customs screening has its advantages.