Flashaholic N00B here! Wanted to stop by and say 'howzit'!

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Flashaholic N00B here! Wanted to stop by and say 'howzit'!

I think I’m a flashoholic. . .Are you considered a flashoholic if:

  • You order a flashlight on Amazon, check the order status every 5 minutes, and when you receive your flashlight, you want to buy another one
  • You spend hours looking at a flashlight in your hands, looking over the design elements, the feel of how the device fits in your hand, tap the lens to see if it’s glass or plastic, ‘feel’ the tactileness of the button
  • You spend hours on Amazon, then hours on Bangood, then hours on AliExpress, then back to BangGood only to purchase your next flashlight on Amazon because a review on Matt Smiths YouTube channel caught your interest.
  • You actually look up the datasheet of an XHP70.2 emitter on Cree’s website
  • You actually ordered a flashlight on Bangood, got impatient, then ended up buying another flashlight on Amazon because it came quicker.
  • Actually bought multiple electronic loads and a Li-ION battery charger/tester to verify the battery’s capacity as claimed by the battery manufacturer
  • Thinking of actually buying another flashlight right at this very moment
  • Have people look at you and wonder about you and flashlights
  • Everytime you leave your house, no matter where you go, there’s a flashlight in your pocket at all times

If that’s the case, that’s me! I don’t have much flashlights in my collection, but I have my favorites:

My EDC: Imalent LD70
My thrower: Acebeam L17
My flooder/thrower: Astrolux MF01s
My flooder. He died though Sad : Imalent TM10K
My dream light (saving up for this bad boy): Imalent MS18

That’s about it! Very excited to join the flashlight craze lol.

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You're going to love it here, MobbyDog!