Convoy C8+ (XPL-HI, 8x7135) for a road cycling in the city? Or better altenative.

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Convoy C8+ (XPL-HI, 8x7135) for a road cycling in the city? Or better altenative.

Hello all. I am road bicyclist(commuter, mostly). I need effective and powerful “long-range” flashlight for early detection of patholes, road debris etc. on a reasonable high speed (30 kmph, up to 40 kmph) and with reasonable long distance (at least 7 meters, 10 meters at best). The problem is necessity to “over illuminate” a road lights (e.g. highway lights – usually dim, low quality, yellowish light coming from gas discharge lamps). I mean, a flashlight, which is great for the darkness, usually doesn’t work as good with ambient lighting (my case). So I need FL with a really strong beam. The runtime (100% high mode) with the NR18650-35E battery around one hour is enough for me. I always have one spare fully charged battery or two with me. I can deal with it. I hope that overheat is not problem here, because I live in the location with a more or less cold climate.

Currently I am using Convoy M1, 4×7135 stabliziers, XPL-HI LED with neutral(I think so) color, with a “mirror” reflector. I don’t think that it’s enough sometimes. The beam is too narrow too. So, I am looking for the C8+ with its bigger “head” as a possible solution.

- Will the Convoy C8+ with its maximum possible output(XPL-HI, 8×7135) surpass my own under-powered M1 for my task?

- What is the best beam color (warm or cold) to illuminate (in contrast) defects of the road against yellowish ambient lighting? I suppose that neutral color isn’t best choice.

- My M1 do have so called “bike mode”(If I am not wrong). I mean “delicate” short strobe with a pause around ~3 seconds. I like it. The problem is, it doesn’t work with 100% LED output (50%, at best). Is there any possibility to modify(boost) this mode to 100% output? For the M1, as well as for the C8+?

- Or you can recommend any alternatives ? For a reasonable price.

Thanks. Sorry for my English.

P.S.: It’s important! YES, I know about endangering other people with a possible blinding. So, the flashlight will be placed near the bike’s front wheel hub. Also, I will add DIY visor (top cover) made from half-transparent plastic to prevent this.