[Review+discount] Sofirn IF25A Quad SST-20, Anduril, USB type-c, 3800lm

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[Review+discount] Sofirn IF25A Quad SST-20, Anduril, USB type-c, 3800lm

A quad emitter 21700 flashlight from Sofirn with usb-c charging port and Anduril in a compact size? Well count me down as interested.

Discount codes:
Sofirn kindly offered 5 single use discount codes for purchasing the IF25A from their Amazon.co.uk store. Please let other users know in the comments if you’ve used one, I’ll update the post.

What’s in the box:
Flashlight, usb-c cable, 18650 adapter, 21700 battery, lanyard, spare o-ring, instructions.

4x Luminus SST-20 (6500K 70CRI)
Battery Options: One 21700 or 18650 Li-ion battery (with included adapter)
Dimension: 106.4mm (length) × 35mm (head diameter)
Weight: 99 grams (without battery)
Low battery warning/low voltage protection: The flashlight will step down if it reaches 2.8V and it will shut down if it is already at the lowest level.
Advanced Temperature Regulation. If the light reaches 45oC, it will automatically step down
Output (as stated by the manufacturer, using the included 21700 battery): 1 – 3800 lumens

The part where this light really shines (pun intended). People on the flashlight community are already familiar to the Anduril and how it can transform a flashlight into a great one. I won’t get into detail on how it lets you interact with your light as the cheat sheet already does a good job at that. Having tried a few other Sofirn lights, I have to say that while their UI wasn’t bad, it certainly lacked that special something. I got to admit though, Sofirn really did their research and came up with a product that appeals to both the enthusiasts and the average user, providing both ease of use and features.

Beam quality:
The IF25A has 4 SST-20 emitters at 6500K (70CRI). It also has a TRI optic so the beam is pretty even and spread out with no hot spot. Personally, I like flooder lights so no complains from me here. The 6500K might seem a bit too cold for many (me included) so I’ve you’re after something warmer this option isn’t your best bet. Honestly, I’m more than willing to overlook the color temperature for a more pleasing beam. And this flashlight suffers from it, especially at low brightness (it disappears a bit above the max regulated mode). I’ve found that below that, a green tint is obvious and quite ugly if I may add. From that point and above this disappears. From a search I’ve found out that the green tint is a characteristic of the SST-20 but correct me if I’m wrong. It’s not a deal breaker as the light has many other good points but it’s there and a buyer should be aware of it.
I have taken a few pictures of the light shining on white paper and then used Photoshop’s white balance tool to make it neutral white. IF25A needed a lot of tint correction at low brightness (green tint), while it turned better at higher brightness. For comparison I’ve also added the SD05 (XHP 50.2 6500K) and the FW3A (XPL HI 5000K).

Battery-built-in charging:
Sofirn includes a 4000mAh battery of their own brand and the IF25A offers a built-in usb-c charging port where you can charge the battery without removing it from the flashlight. Personally, I don’t like the charging ports on flashlights, I’ve had a bad experience with my On the road light a while ago. Despite my hesitation I have to say this one makes me feel comfortable having it. The silicone port cover is really thick and fits snuggly, I honestly trust the water resistance rating they provide (IPX8, up to 2 meters underwater).

Beam shots:
Due to the quad emitter setup and the TIR optics, the IF25A produces a smooth even flood of light with no hot spots. The Anduril offers smooth ramping which allows to adjust output at any level. I’ve picked the max regulated mode, the max ramping level and the turbo to display how the light looks under real life conditions.
Max regulated:
Max ramping:

Size Comparison:
I find it quite compact in size for the battery size. Slightly larger than the FW3A (understandable as it has a smaller sized 18650 battery) but noticeably smaller than the same sized 21700 battery Sofirn SD05.

The button has a led indicator for charging (red), when in use (faint green at low levels, brighter green at higher levels) and at stand-by mode (faint green). It can be changed to 4 modes (low, high, blink, off) by 7 presses from off. It only seems to be green in color though. To have a fair comparison, the camera settings remained unchanged.


+ Do I have to say anything more? Anduril UI inside
+ Compact overall size
+ The 21700 battery
+ Built-in usb-c charging port
+ Moonlight mode as a result of Anduril. One of my complains regarding Sofirn lights is the usual lack of moonlight mode

- Green tint, especially at low brightness
- I’d like the high CRI version to be available on their Amazon stores

Sofirn provided the flashlight for review purposes only. No other compensation was offered to alter my opinion. The review is my honest opinion on the product.

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Nice review

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Great review might want to get one

"Let your lite shine "

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Thanks for the review

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Update: I tried to unscrew the front bezel to gain access to the optic and the emitters. After many tires I couldn’t unscrew it and went brute force it open (it wasn’t pretty). It was as I feared, the front bezel was glued in place. By looking at the bottom of the head, it looks like the driver is also glued (not entirely sure though). I don’t get why they do that, that’s a minus point for me in any flashlight. Other people have mentioned theirs just unscrewed with no issues, maybe they switched to glued mid production or there are two different models.

In any way, potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of it.

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I would like to see sofirn make a slimmer, shorter, and more pocketable 18650 version of their IF25A. I know, I know the D4 already exists.

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I see on their webshop they sell the IF24A now with SST70 LED