New Exciting 2 x AAA Lights ???

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New Exciting 2 x AAA Lights ???

Wow… this place is dead and sprouting mushrooms……

Anything new, anything ?

Last bit of excitement for me was the Thorfire PF04, 2 x AAA Red. Communist China discontinued it, what a shame.

Anyone know of an equal to it ???


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Wow… this place is dead and sprouting mushrooms……

Hey I resemble that remark!

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Unless it’s a small keychain type AAA light, nobody really cares.


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The Ultratac A3 is pretty nice. 3 mode, no memory, high cri, 380 lumens.

Lumintop’s IPY365 is okay, nichia, high cri, 3 modes with memory. About $15 on Amazon right now.

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I like pen lights but they’ve kind of been out of vogue for a while now…

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How about Wurkkos WK02?

Here‘s a review.

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Recently found renewed interest in pen lights. They are slim, pocket amazingly well (works great next to my phone and pen in my scrub top) and offer better output as well as runtime compared to a single cell keychain light. Started carrying my lighting deal Ultratac A3 with the 219C emitter and its working very nicely. I also have a Lumintop IYP365 from before mode memory was introduced. Very good quality, especially at the pricepoint. I do prefer the LMH mode order of the Ultratac though. Further, I just picked up a Wurkkos WK02 which arrived today. Excellent competition to the Ultratac and Lumintop. I bought the brown ano 4000k version which people reported does not actually have mode memory and found my sample to match that fact.

Based on my needs for a high CRI light without mode memory I had a hard time finding any other options to try. Between these three you really can’t go wrong. The main differences being the Lumintop’s mode order, the Ultratac being the slimmest (by a very small margin) and the Wurkkos being slightly brighter with its SST-20. The Wurrko also has a rubber tail switch instead of a metal button, if that matters to anyone. I’d be happy with any of them as a pocket light at work, travel or camping/hiking.