Idea/request for a new Astrolux light

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Idea/request for a new Astrolux light

Not sure if Astrolux read the forums or if there is anyone here well enough connected to maybe suggest the follow.

A couple of days ago I received a 4000k A02

This was bought on a whim. And boy I’m glad I did. It is vastly impressive.

My request is for an AA/14500 version of this light

But importantly I really like the beam profile and output. I wouldn’t want these increasing/chaning in a 14500 version. I want the same driver, LED and optic. The bigger battery would simply be for more runtime.

Only changes I’d request:

- different switch that allows tail standing
- recess in tail cap to allow the pocket clip to be optionally mounted there as well as in the current location

But it would be super important to retain the current outputs/levels and option of 4000k high CRI.

The A02 is fantastic, but runtimes are potentially a little short. An AA or 14500 version would solve this, with minimal increase in physical size.