Questions about NCR 18650GA in Vapcell AliExpress Store

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Questions about NCR 18650GA in Vapcell AliExpress Store

I recently got a Sofirn SP31 V2.0 LH351D as my first 18650 flashlight (a bit disappointed with the finishing Sad ) and would like to buy some backup 18650 batteries.
After researching, I decided to go on with Sanyo NCR 18650GA.
I found this in Vapcell AliExpress Store looks reliable, but I would like to confirm something with you guys before making a purchase.

1. Is this a genuine Sanyo NCR 18650GA? I didn’t see “Sanyo” brand in the product’s information page.
2. How is the quality of adding button-top from this seller?
3. Would it be any (significant) performance difference between using original flat-top cell and added button-top cell? Flat-top is compatible with my SP31, but I think it’s nice to have button-top for my other flashlights in the future.

Additional advises are welcome.

vapcell Dennis
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Hello, this is the original Sanyo GA

But Ali-express does not allow Sanyo brand because there is no power of attorney

The button top will add a little bit of internal resistance, about 1-2 milliohm

will lose a little bit of power

This process is relatively mature

Tens of thousands of processing battery orders a month


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Not because I dislike or disapprove Vapcell batteries but: do you realy need BT cells?

First a quick line-up of types
1/ UN-protected flat-top cells. This is the standard. Most are made by quality manufacturers.
2/ UN-protected button-top cells. Same as above, most “tops” are ad-on’s by 3rd party manufacturers.
3/ PROTECTED button-top batteries. “Tops“and protection circuit’s made by 3rd party manufacturers.

- When owning a multi-battery flashlight, is it advised to use protected batteries. These are always BT.
Especially when it has a 6V or 12V led, and the batteries are lined up in series. 3* 4.2V = 12V.
Why protected? Because the protection reduces the chance that the weakest battery in the line
is dragged down to a non recoverable voltage by its stronger brethren.
- These multi battery flashlights need the use of button top batteries to prevent wrongful insertion.
Use of NON protected BT cells is (may) be condoned as long as the cells are balanced.
That means you buy, charge, use, discharge them at the same time, for use in only one light.

So if you want to buy one or more BT cells to put them in a drawer, just in case you might use them,
do remember that putting 1 used BT and 2+ fresh BT cells into one light is not the smartest move.

I know of one exception for buying a BT cell when you only have lights for one cell/battery.
Once in a very long while a flashlight needs a BT cell because it has no reverse protection built in.
The top acts as crude protection because it connects to a deeper contact the cell-bottom can’t touch.
I only have two lights who need that: a 2010 era EagTac and a Surefire dating back to the Civil War.

So I would like to repeat my first line: do you really need BT cells? Think about it.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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I’m using a standard flat top 18650GA cell in the same light… no issues.

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i dont know about their sanyo, but i bought their samsung 35E, all came with 3300-3400 mah. also bought 50G, gave me 50E instead. not the biggest of deals, and they probably are genuine batteries, but just not the best experience for me personally.

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Henk4U2 wrote:

I only have two lights who need that: a 2010 era EagTac and a Surefire dating back to the Civil War.

Quite modern Nitecores (like MH20) require button top cells.
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Oh.. sorry I haven’t checked this tread for a long time.

Thank you all for replying. As I’m newbie, I actually I don’t know any reliable shop in Thailand for sourcing OEM brand batteries.
Vapcell Store looks most reliable for me right now and provides free shipment to my country as well.

I don’t need button-top now but maybe buying it is a good idea because I might buy flashlights that require it in the future and I will not do any soldering to modify batteries too.