Fenix ARE C2+ Can't charge LiFePO4 18650???

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Fenix ARE C2+ Can't charge LiFePO4 18650???

I have used this charger fine for charging 3.6V Li-ion 18650’s, but I was under the impression it could do Lifepo4 as if you look closely at the display screen it has, Li-ion, Lifepo4 etc. But when I placed some new Soshine 3.2V 18650s in it simply highlights Li-ion. So I guess not?? Any charger with a fast rate & good display that does lifepo4? ie charges to just 3.65V instead of 4.2.


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There must be some button to switch modes if they advertise it as supporting LiFePo4. AFAIK there isn’t a reliable way to tell apart LiFePo4 from 3.6V Li-Ion.

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Is this your charger?


It does not mention any support for LiFePo4.

edit: btw for a LiFePo4 charger, consider the Nitecore i2/i4.

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My $3 LiitoKala Lii100 also supports LiFePo4.
(if you are not in a hurry, which I am never).

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HKJ has a list of chargers that are compatible with LiFePO4s on his website. Based on his reviews, I picked up a Liitokala Lii-PD4.

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Yeah, any charger has no idea if a cell is a LFP cell down to maybe 80% or 30% (both about 3.2V anyway), or a Li-ion cell drained to 3.2V at maybe 15%.

And same here, I use my teeny little LK 1-banger for LFP cells. Just gotta remember to push the button once to switch it.

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