looking for 2A single bay/double bay protected & unprotected 21700 charger

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looking for 2A single bay/double bay protected & unprotected 21700 charger

Looking for a single bay/double bay charger which can charge both unprotected and protected 21700 batteries at 2A. Bonus if it can also charge 18350 at 1A or lower.

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I don’t have one of these, but I do like Xtar chargers. Their ST2 should fit the bill, but it doesn’t go down to 0.5 amp charge. Link

Astrolux SC01 would be a budget option, but again, probably not great for 18350.

The Vapcell S4+ is currently my charger of choice. It could do what you want, but it’s 4 bay. I’ve only had 1 21700 that wouldn’t fit well and it had a built in USB-C port that made it extra long.

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Check on Banggood:

Astrolux SC01
Astrolux VC04
Astrolux PD2

Some of them, if not all, can take 21700 up to 75mm long. USB Type-C input is a bonus IMO.

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Most of them have been modded! =)


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single-bay 2A charger (2A only) that fits protected 21700:
- Xtar SC1 (charges at 2A only)
- Astrolux SC01 (charges at 2A only)
- Astrolux MC01 (charges at 0.5A/1A/2A, and can also charge NiMh)

dual-bay 2x 2A charger...
I believe to charge 2x 21700 batteries at 2A each, would require more power than ordinary USB voltage, and will require QuickCharge
- based on specs, the Nitecore UMS2 is a dual-bay charger that appears to be able to charge 2x 2Amp, when using QuickCharge USB input.

The Xtar PB2S and Astrolux PD2 are powerbank/chargers can also charge 2x 21700 batteries at 2Amp, when using QuickCharge USB input, but won't fit protected 21700 (will fit unprotected 21700 only). These won't be able to charge 18350 batteries though.

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Xtar SC2 would charge with 2×2A or 1×3A if connected to QC 3.0 adapter. It fits protected 21700