Kids need AA Rechargeables they have $40 best bang for buck

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Kids need AA Rechargeables they have $40 best bang for buck

My kids want to spend some christmas money and buy themselves some rechargeable AA’s for their gadgets and toys.

We have chargers already they are looking for the most batteries for their money that are also good batteries and not junk. Will mostly have toy type loads and not flashlights

what to buy and where ?


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I bought EBL and they can't maintain connection (contact resistance?) plus the voltage drops Immediately. The company will give you free replacements but they'll still bea hassle. Tenergys I bought recently already have a dead cell. My older LSD Eneloops don't have any of these issues. Amazon batts have been ok but they're basically the same price. Kids grow up and the batteries can take on other device use. One purchase is more convenient.


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Eneloops at Amazon.

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If you have an Aldis store in your area, they have a battery display section selling 6 NiMH AAA (600mAh) or AA (1400mAh) in a blister pack for $8. They also have a NiMH charger with 2 of each size for the same price.

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Ledhead wrote:

Eneloops at Amazon.

I second the Eneloops recommendation.

The last time I bought some, I got them from horizonbattery on eBay:

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IKEA LADA 2450 Batteries.

made by eneloop for IKEA.

Awesome device batteries and very inexpensive.

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I find the ebay price is $5 less than the Amazon price

these ship from NY

Note I prefer white eneloops, not the black Pro version

I find the white last longer, both in terms of their total lifetime use, and also in terms of charge capacity

the Pro lose capacity faster, both in terms of lifetime, and in terms of each use cycle

I also hear the
Ikea Lada are good

and they cost less… however, I am unable to order them to my zip code, so cant say how much shipping cost would have been

nor is there any Ikea store in the state I live in.. I cannot just walk in, buy, and pay tax..


there is also no Aldi Store in my state, nor could I find the batteries on their website, to try to order online..


soooo… I buy from Ebay, from sellers that ship from USA

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Check out the Fujitsu HR3UTC AA Rechargeable, made in Japan at FDK factory, some say its better than Eneloop, and cheaper too.

Here I quote a review on Amazon on the Fujitsu AA battery:


These “Fujitsu” rechargeable AA batteries are the REAL eneloop batteries, and they always have been.

True “eneloop” batteries were – and still are – manufactured by the Twicell factory in Gunma, Takasaki, Japan. The Twicell factory is currently owned by “FDK” Japan. Twicell was owned by Sanyo when they produced the “eneloops” for Sanyo, which in turn packaged them as “Sanyo eneloop” batteries.

Panasonic is a multi-national corporation based in Japan, but which does much of its manufacturing in China. In December 2009, Panasonic acquired Sanyo. Panasonic then began manufacturing its own version of “eneloop” batteries that were made in China. This resulted in some adverse changes to the traditional “eneloop” AA batteries.

When Panasonic bought Sanyo, part of the deal with the Japanese government was that the Twicell factory had to be sold off, and remain under Japanese-manufacturing control, and that all the patents, technicians and technology that produced the original “eneloop” batteries at the Twicell factory had to remain with Japan. You can still buy that same (and now updated) technology today in these Japanese “Fujitsu” AA rechargeable batteries – made by the same Twicell factory, just as they always have been.

Furthermore, by Japanese law, all “Panasonic eneloop” batteries sold in Japan today must be made by the Twicell factory (and marked “Made in Japan.”) The European Union has a similar restriction. Unfortunately for American consumers, the USA does not – both kinds are sold here.

BEWARE of any “good deals” you may see on “eneloop” batteries, … and here’s why.

In the USA today, the “eneloop” batteries are sold two ways – Made in CHINA, and Made in JAPAN. The “eneloop” batteries marked “Made in China” are not using the same technology as the “eneloop” batteries marked “Made in Japan.”

Panasonic is using work-around technology to imitate the Twicell “eneloop” technology, in order to sell their Chinese-made “Panasonic eneloop” batteries on the international market.

Chinese-made “eneloop” batteries are supposedly produced at Panasonic’s Wuxi factory in China, but there is strong suspicion that they are actually re-badged Evolta batteries, and use inferior technology.

Based on at least one Japanese study I found, the Chinese-made “eneloops” start out well, but begin to lose a substantial amount of their charge-holding ability after only about 20 recharge cycles. As far as I can tell, this report is only available in Japanese, but with the help of a Google translator, I was able to read a substantial portion of it, and the accompanying charts were also very helpful. Test results were very clear. After 20 recharge cycles, Twicell factory “Fujitsu” rechargeable AA batteries still maintained their charge-holding ability very well. “Made in China” Panasonic eneloop AA batteries didn’t.

Furthermore, a thriving market is booming in the USA for counterfeit “Made in Japan” eneloop batteries. … These items are counterfeits! They are not genuine “Made in Japan” eneloops. Who even knows where they are made? Or how well they are made? Some websites can show you examples of these counterfeit markings – just Google “counterfeit eneloop batteries.”

But the safest thing to do is simply to buy “Fujitsu” AA rechargeable batteries, marked “Made in Japan,” which do use the original (and now updated) Twicell-factory “eneloop” technology. That is what I have now switched to doing myself. To my knowledge at least at this point (Feb. 2015,) there are no known, widely-distributed counterfeits of the Fujitsu AA batteries.

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Eneloops, or Fujitsu’s, from a reputable dealer.

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The Ikea Ladda price is one of the best I’ve seen at $7 for a 4 pack ($1.75 each) for what is believed to be an Eneloop Pro equivalent.

For regular use, I’d prefer regular Eneloops for confidence in their longevity, but at Ikea’s price, I wouldn’t shy away from them.

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Thanks all trying the Fujitsu’s

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LADDA if they are in stock and if you have an IKEA near. I have two near me and they are seldom in stock.
Costco has good prices on eneloops sometimes, if again you have a costco membership.