Looking to buy Nichia 219B SW45k

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Looking to buy Nichia 219B SW45k

Anyone have Nichia 219B SW45K leds for sale? Maybe on a strip? Interested on purchasing a few dozens.

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Elzetta Bones.

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In addition to the D220 sw45k being sold by Azhu, who I respect and admire

there are also D200 sw45k
being sold by Bob_McBob, who I also respect and admire

D220 is 10% brighter, and less pink

I actually prefer the D200 for the extra pink tint

try both Smile

WTB Lumintop AAA Copper Tool

"High CRI Lights for Sale":https://budgetlightforum.com/node/75426

also happy to share info to help you learn to mod your own..