My Texas Update

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Rusty Joe
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My Texas Update

Lots of people stuck at the airport still. Sleepers, some whole families sleeping with children, are between my airport. Quite a number of people have been sleeping in 10F and just staying motionless under blankets. Gas, toilet paper, perishables, and drinking water gone. Nearly all stores cleaned out. Even as we warm up, many still without power and losing their nerve. Robberies and violence even now increasing. Hopefully, Saturday will offer some sense of normalcy.
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In my area a storm is coming and flooding is a big possibility,,…at least no snow, ice…no need for heating equipment in a tropical country.

Yeah, it’s a test for all of us.

Even during good times, it’s also to test of character, knowing how to behave during those times.

Hang on tight my friend.

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True, Hard times bring out the best and worst of people.
Out here, they have setup warming centers for those without heat. And neighbors are taking in neighbors who don’t have heat. Sometimes it’s only a block away.
Hang in there.
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