Fenix bc35r and bc25r lens

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Fenix bc35r and bc25r lens

Turns out there is a some sort of a curved lens molded into front plastic glass. Couldn’t understand why is the beam not the same as before when trying out different emitters with reflector only. Then suddenly discovered there is some sort of a curve at the top. Nobody ever mentioned it anywhere else so far. Not sure how could this compare to Busch and Mueller in terms of efficiency which has a separate lens in front of horizontally positioned emitter. Beam distribution is better on Busch and Mueller though (a lot brighter at the top, and way less brighter towards the ground). Looks like Fenix was trying to achieve something similar with cheaper methods and less parts. Also not sure if Busch and Mueller has any beam discolouration caused by lens, in Fenix the lens makes the upper part in sickly purple tint (a bit less on bc35r with xhp50, probably due to quad die emitter) even when trying out with a 3000k 90cri emitter. Had no other choice but to go for Fenix instead of cool white Busch and Mueller as I wasn’t sure about the modability.