What's a good dealer to get Lumintop 1AA?

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What's a good dealer to get Lumintop 1AA?

After reading a review about the Lumintop 1AA, it sounds like something I’d like to get. Can someone help me decide where to get it from? I’ve come across this light on certain sites, but I’m not sure which one would be good. Amazon has it, but charges $5.99 for shipping, which I’d like to avoid. They offer free shipping if I opt for the Amazon free trial. But then I fear I’d be getting charged for it after the trial ends. AliExpress has free shipping, but a 1.5 month shipping time.

Is there any better options? I’d like to get it for $20 and free shipping, and has a reasonable shipping time. A week or so would be fine.

EDIT: Never mind! I just discovered that shipping is free if the merchandise total is $25 or more. Just got to add something to my order. Better to pay for another light than a shipping charge.

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