Serious issue with Skilhunt M150 V1 e-switch

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Serious issue with Skilhunt M150 V1 e-switch

My M150 has serious issues with the electronic switch. I cannot switch the lamp on in most cases. After several attempts the lamp eventually starts to flash. Then I am able to switch it on and off without any problem.
As soon as I put it back in my cupboard for some time (with or without mechanical lockout by unscrewing the rear cap) the described issues show up again.
I already tried different batteries (protected and unprotected) and also cleaned the contacts, but the situation did not improve. Neither my M200 with e-switch (old version without blue bezel) nor flashlights from other manufacturers (e.g Sofirn SP10S) show such issues.

I’m very unsatisfied with this flashlight. Is such behaviour a known fault for M150 V1?

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