Free 2004 Prius Fob's - pickup in San Francisco

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Free 2004 Prius Fob's - pickup in San Francisco

I have 2 used factory 2004 Prius silver back fobs that anyone can have if they want to pick them up in San Francisco. They should also work for any 2004 – 2009 Prius’s but I can’t guarantee that they do.

In order for them to work on your car you will need to do one of the following:

1. Have them reprogrammed by Toyota or a locksmith at at cost of $75 – $200 (what I was quoted from a dealer and locksmith). This results in a fully functional fob where all the features work (remote starting, etc).

2. Program them yourself using instructions like these which results in being able to start the car when the fob is inserted into the slot but none of the other features work. This is what I did to program them and then also had a key cut for $3 so that I could open the driver’s door. Then when I went hiking, etc I could stashed the fob in the back and carried only the key so I didn’t have to worry about losing a $200 fob when I was out and about.

Reminder that these are silver back fobs and may not work on Prius’s where the original fob has a black back.

If more than 1 person wants them then I’ll split them up.

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