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Fresh Meat

Hi everyone,

Stumbled into this place in early November 2020 while sorting through all the flashlight stuff on Amazon looking for something to replace a Menards type Ray-O-Vac.

Wow. Glad I did and maybe wish I didn’t. Four months later have a UC35 V2, LD05, SP31 V2.0 and five assorted AAA keychains. Also gifted an E28R to older son and TOOL AA 2.0 to younger son.

I use, at the very least 3 of my new lights every day at work and home. I want to thank all on this forum for all I’ve learned so far!


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Welcome to the BLF. The addiction is only starting..
All the Best,

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Thanks for signing up, Oldranch!


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we aim to please.

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Welcome to BLF Oldranch!

Menards was the first place that got me looking for an extra special flashlight. I didn’t buy one from there, but eventually it led me to BLF and then I bought my first “high end” flashlight, a Nitecore E4A flashlight.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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It’s all the fault of the internet.

Who would have seen such products even exists, let alone invented if there is no internet? Angry Beer