Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 low lumens

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Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 low lumens


Looks like Mateminco have changed to a lower bin for the XHP50.2 6500K. I used to get 4200 at 30 sec using a 40T, now with my new stock it’s around 3600. I’m guessing that since there’s been a shortage of these LEDs they could only source a lower bin.

I used to bundle a PLB 26650 and achieve 3800, but now it’s 3200 :/ feeling a bit annoyed since they’re still sold with their 4300 lumen spec

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wow that sucks.. i got one long ago so i guess mine is not the lower bin then… Yeah they should not advertise it as 4300 lumens then.

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