High performance penlight

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High performance penlight

I’m looking for a reliable durable light with a simple press for momentary, click for on switch,or similar, that delivers about 500 lumens and at least 10k candela.

Does such a thing exist?

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Olight has a nice looking pen called the O-Pen. Don’t know the specs off the top of my head but it seems like a light actually designed to also be a nice pen!

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There aren’t any penlights that can do 10k candela. The thinnest lights in the database that can do at least 10k cd have 22mm diameter bezels.

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Where can I find this database?

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In Parametrek’s signatur?

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Is this not basically the same as your other thread But with a different title?

500lm, 10k candela and 2*AAA formfactor quite bizarre combination…

The light you want doesn’t exist, you’d have to either get something custom made or compromise on your wants, or build something yourself.

Small drivers for AAA lights are a pain the the butt to find, you might be ok if you only want high and no other modes. Sourcing a forward clicky would be next challenge as they’re not always a direct replacement for the reverse clicky that comes with most lights.

Compromise lights to go and check out:

Manker E05 ultra throw (or whatever they call it),
Fenix E25 UE (Runs 14500 cells, not AAs)
Eagtac 2*AA lights,
Nitecore MH2A (Discontinued)

Maybe Vinh might be able to build you something?

Edit to add another suggestion: Acebeam PT-10 GT

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I'm always wondering why people say penlight when they are talking about single AAA lights . to me a penlight is like the O 'pen Olight created .but I guess it's all semantics.Some might consider a really thin 2x AA like the Xeno ES2 or an older Eagletac 2xAA to be a pen light .At 500 lumens it's not going to run off of 2 eneloops and a single10440 in a shorty pen will run hot and kill the battery really fast . Wonder what the candela of an older xpe2 de-domed running thru a small aspheric lens (zoomie) is ? I'm guessing it all would make more sense if you jump up to a  AA/1450

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