Melted LEDIL Cute-3-SS from XPLs direct drive?

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Melted LEDIL Cute-3-SS from XPLs direct drive?

I was just re-modding an old BLF EE X6 that had a Nitro Cu spacer for the CUTE-3 with a new optic and one of L4Ps ceramic mcpcbs. It’s currently has a mashup of XPL HIs and 20AWG wires + bypasses. Cleaned up the old 70N02 BLF Fet driver and all contact points and popped in a fresh LG HB1.

After a few minutes of (mostly) turbo runs taking measurements and stepping outside for some beamshots and I start to notice the beam is less throwy. I come back inside and look in the optic and it looks like cracked glass.

I’ll post pics in a few minutes but really shocked this happened honestly. I don’t ever recall hearing about something like this before. With all the high power triples/quads I’d expect it’d be happening left and right based on this.

Anyone else?

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I once had this happen when I used a crappy solder paste with really bad thermal conductivity when reflowing LEDs. It really caused a ton of heat and caused the LEDs to dedome and burned my plastic optic. Not sure exactly what you were getting done.