Dedicated charger or not

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Dedicated charger or not

Should I get a dedicated charger for cells or just use battery holders with my Lipo smart charger? It has nimh & Li-ion capability. Usually I’m charging 5S & 6S lipo with it, seems it should do smaller single cells. Is it a bad idea in any way? Question

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Does the smart charger know if a single cell is connected if someone were to accidentally go into 6S mode?

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I would say its worth the investment into a dedicated charger as its not much to get a good one and you will be using it for years.

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I use both a hobby charger (iMax B6 /w cheali firmware) and various dedicated lithium chargers. In all honesty, I think convenience is far better with a dedicated charger. You’d just pop the cell in and it charges. With a hobby charger it is not difficult, but my i6 has at least a few more steps.

I recommend Liitokala chargers:


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If I were you I would try to use what I had. Dedicated charger may indeed be somewhat more convenient but is it worth bothering? Try and ask yourself this question, then decide whether to buy one.