XHP50.3 HD, XHP50.3 HI, XHP70.3

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XHP50.3 HD, XHP50.3 HI, XHP70.3

From the Cree newsletter:
Next up is an extension to the XLamp XHP50 and XHP70 family of LEDs. The XLamp XHP50.3 HI is a flat-lens version of the XHP50.3 HD and can deliver double the cd/lm of previous XHP50 parts in narrow-beam applications. The XHP50.3 HD and XHP70.3 HD deliver improved color-over-angle performance as well as higher on-axis intensity. The new members of the XHP family are here.

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Isn’t that what the Osram is doing already?

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Yea that XHP50 Hi looks like it could be legit. There are 90 CRI versions and a bunch of color temps. Knowing cree the good ones may only exist on paper. A 4500k or 5000k 90cri 3V version would be mighty popular around here.

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When will these end up in lights?