Vapcell s4 plus charger

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Vapcell s4 plus charger

Hello to you all!
I’ve a problem with charger in subject; during chargement with Vapcell K64 it see battery like nimh and stop charge at 1,53V. What can be? There is a system to change manually from nimh to liion? Thanks for kind reply.

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 Do you have a multimeter or some other type of volt meter that you can check the cell with?  Or a known good cell to see what the charger says about it?  I have several Vapcell that have been very good but it appears some models have had quality problems recently:  last page of thread, some K64 issues


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Test cell voltage with Multimeter. ‘If’ it’s 1.5v the charger likely doesn’t recognise it to be a li-ion cell, I think they use voltage to varify cell type. The K64 is know to have self discharge issues, if purchased from AliExpress you should get a refund.


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The charger also has a repair function, maybe that can help? The charger indeed gets the battery type by the voltage the inserted battery has:

The cell probably was very low and the charger thought it was NiMh so stopped charging at 1.5V.