LED Desk Lamps

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LED Desk Lamps

I'm going to talk about what I was looking for, and the only lamp that looked good to me, but...

Feel free to discuss anything about LED desk lamps.


I wanted something in the U.S., and only looked at Amazon.

I was looking for desk lamps that sit on your desk (no clip-ons) with flexible goosenecks.

I looked at lamps with at least 4.6 stars and at least 75 ratings.

I wanted at least 4 light levels and at least 3 tints (at least one cool white, neutral white, and warm white).

The only desk lamp I liked was this one:




The second best one I could find is this one:


But it's not nearly as good as the first one.


If you have recommendations for me, that's cool, but I've already looked closely at Amazon, so maybe you know of another U.S. website with plenty of customer reviews?

Otherwise, discuss LED desk lamps in general, or go off-topic if you want.  :BEER:

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Got one for my dad several years ago at Home Depot. Maybe $25?
A goose neck with the LEDs in about a 4”-5” diameter ring. LEDs covered in a rather thick frosted plastic diffuser.
Semi warm color. No dimmer. Fairly directional. After he passed away (102) it ended up on my wife’s desk to replace the Edison type bulb goose neck.
Now the Edison is on my workbench/desk with a 3K LED bulb in it. Along with an ancient florescent desk lamp on those articulating arms.
I like the height of the florescent and its ability to extend over what I’m working on without getting in the way.

That’s the problem i find with most desk lamps. The arm isn’t ling enough to get over what I’m working on without the base getting in the way. I’m not reading at the bench, I’m usually working on something.

Recently I’ve been using an LED video light on a tripod to brighten things up. Got maybe 140? LEDs. Got a kit with two of them on sale from B&H before Xmass last year.
Color adjustable from like 2.3K to 6.8K. Dimmable with no PWM at all.
Pointed at the ceiling it gives great soft light across everything. Pointed down, it’s a lot of light. Need to figure out some sort of mount for it that I can clamp to the workbench top, The floor mount tripod is a major pain.

Got a couple of cheap sewing lights from Amazon. Like $17 for 2 of em. Not too cold temp wise. Short goose necks, with magnetic bases. They hold well on my old Iron Lady Singer I recently picked up. The thing I like is they are a direct plug into 120v. No wall wort’s to get in the way.

If I can find a suitable mounting, I’d like to build me a light that has a large area so I don’t cast a shadow over what I’m working on.
One thing I’ve noticed, the older I get, the more light I need.

RC if you get one, let us know how you like it. Also if there is any PWM when dimmed. That’s a deal killer for me.
Perhaps a new mount could be fashioned to put it over a work piece.
All the Best

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RC, I’ve fount THE light.
Notice the brand: Sleezy
And the seller: Just one last chance
Selling the same light as everyone else.
Truth in marketing!


All the Best,

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So many choices. Bought this one two weeks ago. We had similar requirements.

This one has:

5 tints

10 levels

USB port

wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled devices




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This one might meet your criteria. 40% off with listed code 

Oops not a gooseneck

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My wife and I both use our BLF LT1s as desk lamps.

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jeff51 wrote:
And the seller: Just one last chance

“Just one last dance”, but close enough. LOL

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