Dimmer switch for LED bulbs?

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Dimmer switch for LED bulbs?

Hi, folks
I’ve got matching MK switches and sockets virtually all round the house now. Just decorated the kids’ bedrooms and hit a slight snag. I’ve replaced the old 60w tungsten bulbs with new 100w equivalent LED lights

We have dimmer switches fitted according to Dimming all kinds of LEDs Tutorial, however they aren’t working properly. I suspect because the dimmer switches are old ones rated for old loads.

I’ve tried a newer V-Pro dimmer which sort of works, however there are 2 issues – 1) it doesn’t really dim much & 2) the bulb doesn’t appear to get to full brightness, so not ideal.

Can anyone recommend a decent dimmer switch for 15w LED bulbs? My preference would be MK but they don’t appear to do one in the normal MK range.


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You need special lamps or special LED drivers. Using a dimmer with normal lights might damage them.

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I use this type of dimmer switch for my applications. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it works for all dimmable LEDs, COB LEDs, and lamps I built. There are similar led dimmers for wall mounted applications out there.

I have this one in the laundry room

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The electronics within an older dimmer switch designed to work with incandescent bulbs does not work with dimmable LED bulbs. There are new switches out there that are specifically designed to work with _dimmable _LED bulbs and they aren’t cheap. I pulled two of them out of the bins at my local Goodwill surplus store but didn’t get the covers. I was pretty surprised to find out they sell for nearly $50 each. It is a Luxon Grafik T dimmer switch (see below). The company does have other switches but even the less expensive ones are half that price.

Link to their $25 switch https://www.build.com/lutron-scl-153p/s1179229?uid=2823024

By the way, electrical boxes for most of the world are square, not rectangular as here in the US so even this one would not be good for your part of the world.