Anduril 2 FAQ

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Anduril 2 FAQ

Anduril UI is not new to BLF members here, recently I just checked out the lastest Anduril UI,

It is a great update, but I don’t quite understand about the version check function, after 15C, I can not understand what the blinks mean.

This thread is to help answer people like me questions about the Anduril 2 UI, if you have questions about it, put it down below, if you are able to answer the questions, put it down below.

Version Check Mode

This allows people to see which version of the firmware is installed on
their light. The format for this is (usually) 12 digits — a date
followed by a model number. YYYYMMDDBBPP

YYYY: Year – MM: Month – DD: Day – BB: Brand ID – PP: Product ID

The date is when the firmware was compiled. If the vendor did not set
this value, it defaults to 1969-07-20, the date of first human contact
with the moon. However, it might not be a date at all; some vendors may
specify a completely different type of value here.

The brand/product values are also known as the model number. These are
hard-coded in the source code for each light’s build target, and can be
looked up in the “MODELS” file or by using the “make models” command.

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