GIVEAWAY-ACEBEAM E10 + E70 with Camping Light Bulb

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GIVEAWAY-ACEBEAM E10 + E70 with Camping Light Bulb

Hello Everyone ! To thank you for all fans and customers’ support, Acebeam is having a giveaway with prizes included the best selling E10 and the new releasing E70-AL with camping light bulbs.

Thanks in advance for your support and suggestion !

Here is a giveaway of 2pcs E10 + 2pcs ACEBEAM E70-AL with Camping Light Bulb

1. Any BLF members, reply Favorite or Ideal New ACEBEAM products.
2. The first two winners will get E10, the last two will get E70-AL with camping light bulbs.
3. Winners chosen by
4. Ends on 1st, Aug.
5. Awards will be shipped on 2nd, Aug.
6. Winners are supposed to write the first impression or fast review of the ACEBEAM flashlights.

Learn more: E10 Acebeam E70-AL Camping Light Bulbs

Good luck to everyone !!

Update Editing Date 14:45PM 26th, July 2021 (BeiJing Time)

Name Listing:

1. Geuzzz
2. firehopper
3. jacktheclipper
4. Yokiamy
5. Unheard
6. Bort
7. Slmjim
8. JordanZHP
9. Id30209
10. Henk4U2
11. MoreLumens
12. Bwana
13. raccoon city
14. Ch1ir
15. Lite624
16. desmondkun
17. dthrckt
18. SammysHP
19. Tatasal
20. TermsakC
21. G0Ose
22. Nobody
23. Ollywood
24. Sp5it
25. Bart1080
26. Torchnoob
27. Boaz
28. g_damian
29. Umpi2000
30. M00nshine
31. Joebob4501
32. Wrathbringer27
33. Lux-perpetua
34. Oldskol
35. Ledhead
36. Royce
37. Ill-luminati
38. Sirstinky
39. Scallywag
40. Lumenlucas
41. Tanilolli
42. Gchart
43. Sisshooter
44. Carsknivesbeer
45. Lefwing
46. Lightbringer
47. How2
48. di_joker
49. Pashka79
50. Will34
51. Phouton
52. Xxo
53. Tzmxxhh
54. Backpacker Light
55. KeepingItLight
56. Darosk

57. Animisk
58. Got_Lumens
59. Quillz
60. Renato Azevedo
61. Texas shooter
62. Notmyrealname
63. Sprinkles
64. Lightenzaza
65. 2-26350-P91
66. Koenigsegg1
67. Sillen
68. Rahdi
69. Sw1f7
70. Lumenzilla
71. CRC
73. Cloggy
74. Weklund
75. Freeme
76. Paul321
77. Zaxar0580
78. Skylight
79. Acp68
80. Chronic
81. Stephenk
82. Dioda
83. Tangra
84. Pol77
85. Mraz
86. Pyrokiwi
87. Tedh35
88. Kokosnh
89. Ifb
90. A_M_K
91. Sg3707
92. Th558
93. BurgerSauce
94. Middle age man
95. Trmgkl
96. Mauison
97. Bigbeam
98. Superstocker
99. Sunnysunsun
100. Wafflecopters
101. Nickryan915
102. Max-mx
103. Firelight2
104. Peabody
105. Erik
106. Hodor
107. DTales
108. Tascagdas
109. Max
110. Alexgt
111. Dirty water guy
112. One two three
113. zelee

114. Aardvark
115. Mblackes
116. TimMc
117. Sselenkurtulus
118. Warzi1975
119. zoulas
120. MascaratumB
121. Chinaheart
122. Rags
123. Gottawearshades
124. AssortedEnthusias
125. Loshihyen
126. Pilotboy
127. Dave1010
128. Tom E
129. Bonham
130. Light House
131. Puffy Panda


Final name list updated 1-Aug-2021, The winners will be announced after one hour.

Here is winners announced. GAW WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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I am in.

Straight tube, 16340, titanium mini lep light.

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I’ll join in, 26650 spot/flooder for bike riding at night.

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What I do


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I am in!
I really like the E70

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I’m in. Stubby 20350 EDC, regulated.

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I’m in, the E70-AL looks very interesting and would be my choice.

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E70-AL be my favorite.




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Acebeam X50 is my new favorite product! Thank you for the giveaway.

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In, still don't have any Acebeam

WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube

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Please count me IN. My wallet is a bit thin atm, but the E70-AL would be my favorite.

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My favorite is H30.

Still waiting those H90 & H95 models.

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I’m in , I like the E10

raccoon city
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That Acebeam E70-AL looks amazing!

I'm in, but if I win one of the other two, please choose someone else.  :THUMBS-UP:

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I’m in,

I actually am in love with the tk16 Sst20 4000k it is a beautiful super compact light with plenty of power

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My ideal Acebeam flashlight – E70 SS

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Thanks for GAW. I’m in.
I have been using K30 for more than 3 years and it still work well until today. I like it’s 3×18650 buck driver with hig efficiency and stable regulation. I think if Acebeam make a SFT40 thrower with multi battery buck driver, would be very interesting._

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  1. My ideal ACEBEAM light would be the X65 but instead of reflectors, each LED output is isolated from the others and projects through an aspheric lens that is nearly fully focused. 2xNW and 2xWW leds.
  1. The ACEBEAM HC30 white/red/UV is very close to my perfect headlamp – just too heavy. I don’t need crazy output in a headlamp. Please make it 18650 and closer to 100grams with no battery. high cri for normal use, red for retaining night vision and UV for seeing my fishing line. And, if all that weren’t enough to ask for, in addition to strap, include a hat clip that the light can mount to, so I don’t have to turn my hat backwards to use the light (important in the rain!) perfect!
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Thanks, I’m in!

I really like the tiny TK16.

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I have the Supbeam X40 and Acebeam K60, both bullet-proof models.

That E70 should be an excellent EDC, as I do carry one daily.

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My only Acebeam flashlight is an L30 II. Got it during a recent big sale with US$50 discount. I think it is similar and comparable with my Nitecore MH25S.

Please count me in the give-away lucky draw. Would love to own another Acebeam.

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I is in!

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looking forward to getting a tk16 in copper some day. 

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Thanks, I’m in!

I like the L19 and the K30GT.

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I’m in.

My favourite is K75 and K40M which I own and use regularly.

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Acebeam K75 would definitely be ideal here on the farm.
The L19 or the t28 would be the favourite

Would love to own the E10 or E70-AL as both would be geat functional lights.


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Hello world

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 I'm in ....  I think the Stainless steel  E70 looks very cool .I also like the look of your headlamps .Don't own any Acebeam products yet and have always been a little bit envious of those that do because they always seem to love them .

Thanks for doing a nice giveaway

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My favorite Acebeam light that I have is copper TK16 with Osram LEDS.
From the new catalog I love the look of E70-TI.
Ideal future flashlight would be slimmer 18650 (or even 14500) version of E70-TI with single high cri emitter.

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I’m in, LEP and regular LED hybrid edc.

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I’m in. X70. What a monster light