Reduce/cut 7135 chip in Convoy S2+ 7135*8

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Reduce/cut 7135 chip in Convoy S2+ 7135*8


I remember there used to be a post (on BLF or other flashlight forum) about cutting the 7135 chip/leg in order to reduce the current fed to LED. How do i cut?

Got a 7135*8 from Simon Convoy, but now would like to reduce to 7135*6 because 8 is too much.


ppicture below from Zeroair’s review of Convoy S2+ SST20


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Is de-soldering not an option? Just so you can also have spare 7135s

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The photo you show of that pill has a 7135 x 6 driver.  Those two black chips with 3 legs on one side are the 7135 chips. If you want to remove them the best way is with a soldering iron and de-solder them from the driver board.

If you don't think you have the tools and/or skills to do this, then it's time you learn!  cool