what is the latest or soon to be UV led/light combo?

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what is the latest or soon to be UV led/light combo?

I did a lot of reading, but most recent material is ~6month or older, and I read some where that something new is suppose to come out soon. I am wondering if nichia is still the best 365nm led, and are there any reputable light using 3 nichia? I can’t seem to find much, except custom order/build your own stuff.

so, what’s the best 365nm that’s both floody and throwy, and should I wait for next best thing around the corner?


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Nichia, with buck/boost driver.
Or LG, with buck/boost driver and ZWB2 filter. I don’t think there’s much difference between the LEDs themselves, aside from LG having more visible light without a filter.

UV leds are high voltage, so lose power easily as battery depletes. You need multi-battery buck, or buck/boost for single.

throw vs flood will depend mainly on optics and reflector if any.

I only like high CRI. Collection:

Fireflies NOV-MU 21 4500k E21A

Fireflies ROT66 219B SW45 D220

Fireflies E07 Copper 219B SW45k? (odd/higher lumen bin with lower r9 and higher cct?)

Fireflies E07 219B SW45k

Fireflies E07x Pro sst20 FA4 4000k 


Varmint removal:

Convoy M21A C8 ver SST20 4000k (5a)

Convoy S2+ SST20 4000k  FB4 (3200ma)



Emisar D18 660nm SST20 



CRI test dump https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kcl_uOhgfpR4RSsa8F4b-UUVP9mkL6Cr...

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There’s a newly released higher bin of sst-10 UV that looks promising