cheaper Sodium-ion batteries

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cheaper Sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-ion batteries have unique advantages in low-temperature performance, fast charging and environmental adaptability.

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I will care about a new battery once we can buy them for our flashlights. Otherwise I have seen too many rumors of soldi state batteries, graphite batteries, and whatever people can dream up type of battery.

They only matter to me once I can buy them at a reasonable price for my uses.

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Wow, this is coming from CATL, which means it is actually fully legitimate.

Notwithstanding, CATL said that through breakthroughs in R&D, its first-generation sodium-ion batteries have reached 160 watt-hours/kilogram, a measure of energy density of energy, and should exceed 200 Wh/kg in coming generations.

Well, that is certainly very nice, especially considering that sodium-ion cells are much more tolerant of <0C charging and usually have slightly lower internal resistance.

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