Convoy on 6v?

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Convoy on 6v?

Has anybody ran a Convoy 12 mode driver off 2xCR123? I have a C8+ which I would like to use as a travel light but need to make sure I can run primaries as an emergency back up. Will it just dump the extra voltage as heat?

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I don’t know but if you need emergency backup you are better off with a AA flashlight. CR123A aren’t very good, an 18650 has more energy than 2xCR123A and they can’t handle more than 2A, if you run them at 5A by accident they could even explode.

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The 12 mode driver is 3 volt or 6 volt or even 12 volt depending on the light.l since it comes as mainly firmware not a specific driver size/configuration. In a C8+ its going to be a 17mm 3 volt version so 2 CR123A lithium cells is over 4 volts (3 volts each) and will kill the driver a cause it to release magic smoke. You need a buck driver to be able to do that.