the no name hockey puck emergency flasher.

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the no name hockey puck emergency flasher.

I found one of these in the road. They are sold under several brands. Some have 3 white LED’s on the top and some have 3 red LED’s on the top. Some have red LED’s on the inside and some use yellow. They all have a clear round plastic surrounded by orange plastic with 12 arms. Mine was still flashing after about 16 hours. It had a bit of condensation on the plastic. They use 2 counter sunk machine philips that thread directly into the circuit board. The circuit board then uses 2 smaller wood screws to thread directly into the other half of the plastic. I would not have done it that way. I would run the screws through the circuit board into the plastic on the other side. Then suspend the circuit board with rubber. This unit is not going to take many drops before it breaks. Mine had a broken hook on the back and the magnet was missing. Neither plastic is Lexan. Costs range from 3 for $10 to $17. I think the unit is way over priced. I took apart a brake light that had been in a wreak. Even though the plastic was cracked it was difficult to get apart. The circuit board was embedded in epoxy which made it water proof even with a cracked lens. Don’t buy and don’t use it for a hockey puck.