Small (<13mm) drivers?

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Small (<13mm) drivers?

Hi folks. Does anyone have a source for driver boards for small AAA lights? I have a Convoy ‘Tiny’ AAA light which I may mod to ensure it can take 10440 batteries (some users have claimed that the default driver can take lithiums, but I’d like to be sure).

A few years ago I remember AliExpress, Banggood, Fasttech etc. having AA and AAA sized drivers, though they had limited stock. Now I can’t find any. The Tiny AAA has a driver that is 12.4mm in diameter.

Oh, and is there a recommended emitter for a 10440 to be paired with? I haven’t kept up to date with modding and emitters for a while. I imagine the stainless steel body will limit the heat dissipation, and therefore power, of what could be installed.

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You might be SOL. Mtnelectronics is the only place I know with small li-ion drivers.

Your location says you are in the UK. Mtn has an international store but they say they no longer ship to the UK. I know there’s some crazy import tax thing going on over there these days, so it’s probably because of that.

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Oshpark and reflow your own?

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If you want a small AAA sized flashlight, there is Jaxman i2 which runs on both AAAs and 10440s.