Flashlight Brand Summaries?

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Flashlight Brand Summaries?

Hi all, Is there a summary thread for flashlight manufacturers? I envision bullet point lists that summarize the overall characteristics of the lights built by the manufacturer.

This is just an example list. It could probably be refined and maybe turned into some kind of form:

- Primary target audience
- Design philosophy
- Robustness
- Fine detail/finish
- emitter choices
- UI (is it consistent? proprietary? friendly to non-enthusiasts?)
- Support for standard cells
- Repair-friendly construction?
- Driver types/quality
- Warranty
- Service Support
- Engagement with hobbyists

It’d be nice to be able to look up the reputation of flashlight brands quickly when you encounter one you haven’t had any experience with.

- Target audience is enthusiasts due to high prices, a lack of marketing, and no built-in charging.
- Design philosophy is, “Make it look like a flashlight and as small as possible, nothing flashy” Tail switches? What are those?
- Robustness is a selling point with potted electronics
- There may be some variation in the color of anodization but it is tough, the knurling is top notch and there are no sharp edges
- Oddly despite it’s audience, you can’t request different emitters in a host. A light with a different emitter is a different model
- UI is tedious to program but is dead simple to use once set up. It’s the same for all current models (I think)
- Their lights use standard unprotected cells flat top cells. Check specs for recommended battery length since slightly longish ones may not fit.
- Not really designed to be user serviceable. Press fit parts and potted electronics. Great for durability and compactness, not good for the average person who wants to disassemble. Not impossible though
- Known for having very efficient buck-boost or boost drivers. Many models are capable of sub-lumen output (all?)
- 1 yr warranty against defects
- after-warranty repairs available on request depending on part availability
- Doesn’t seem to make new models based on customer feedback

I’d like to see a similar write-up about Skilhunt as that is a brand I know nothing about.

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Since stuff comes to market at such a rapid pace, it would be tough to keep it relevant and up to date.

Fortunately, you gain the same experience that a list might give you, if you just read a lot of posts.

I know that a lot of people don’t have the attention span that is required, but that’s how I approach things.


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not sure what that does.
because a brand will have good lights, cheap lights, lights for certain purposes. etc
what you think of as ‘the brand’ may be many things

i just go first by the features i want, then i might read reviews of the light i want, then read general remarks about the company.

or if a light is really cheap, i would ask what shortcomings do not bother me, and do i have a use for it, at the low price?


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Some of the best low-budget flashlights are currently made by Convoy and Sofirn.

(I'm not a flashlight expert, so I'm not going to go into detail.)

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wle wrote:
not sure what that does.

I think the OP mostly wants to know what brands are reputable and what are the general strengths and weaknesses of the various manufacturers.
wle wrote:

because a brand will have good lights, cheap lights, lights for certain purposes. etc

I mostly agree but I think you can still make some generalizations about brands. For example, Olight generally uses LEDs with cool temperature and a few neutral temperatures. And high-CRI are unicorns. OTOH Emisar/Noctigon lights tend to have numerous options for LEDs. Convoy flashlights tend to be affordable and a great value for what they offer. Some brands like Surefire and Streamlight tend to specialize in weapon lights. Etc.
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Easier said than done. Too much redundancy. For example lumentop and astrolux. These would have virtually the same answers.