Astrolux MF01 mini - color on front glass

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Astrolux MF01 mini - color on front glass

I am new to the flashlight scenery.

I recently ordered and recieved a Astrolux MF01 mini.
Still have not recieved the battery; I went for a Golisi S43 IMR26650 35A.

I am hoping to get some feedback on these photos and the color on the front glass.

Is this to be expected? What has happened?
Since it is brand new I have not yet tried anything harsh to remove it, only cotton swabs.

Other questions:
What I refer to as front glass; is this technically the lens, or are the lenses only the curved parts that are placed over the LEDs?
I have also ordered a Vapecell S4 plus charger; but it will likely arrive later then the battery… should I wait for the charger to have the battery checked in it or is it relatively safe to charge it first time sitting in the flashlight?

Thanks for any feedback! This seems like a great forum, hope I can contribute some day.


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We're very glad to have you here, genesis.aix!


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Anti-reflective lens coating, it’s normal on most lights. Others will come along to suggest ways to remove it if it really bugs you.

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Yea, it's the anti reflective coating, it's not a malfunction or error. I don't know what does though I feel I should, but I have also never removed it from any of my lights lenses either.



Wait for your charger to come in btw, just my 2 cents. 

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Thank you all! Awesome to have this cleared up. Also; if I want to do some further digging – now I know what to look for.

I will take your advice and wait for the charger.

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Nice choice of light and battery. Have you got a multi-meter to test the voltage on the cells?

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I recieved the batteries now, but will wait for the charger before first time use.
I bought a multi-meter years ago, but never learned how to use it. Today was my first time trying it out.

I will see if there is a more suitable place to post questions about it or mabye create a thread in the battery section.

But I can do a summary of my preliminary work;
The battery Golisi S43 IMR26650 was testet by HKJ ( back in 09.2017. (
HKJ stated weight of 93,5gram.

The two batteries I recieved weight in on 89g and 91g.
I am unable to find the S43 on, but there is a AU-webpage; that states 90g.
Unless there is a measurement error that would be 4,5 gram difference from my worst cell to the two HKJ recieved. Wich I guess he measured individually.

I measured the same volt from both cells; 3,86.
First time doing this stuff, but I think I measured it correctly.

I have no clue, but these weight differences must amount to something right? How long the battery will last?
It does seem HKJ recieved batteries that where heavier then what we recieve from resellers.

I guess it is more suitable to continue the battery discussion elsewhere.

Back to the Astrolux MF01 mini; it uses Anduril software. Is it possible to upgrade this to later versions without soldering stuff?

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As mentioned by the others, viewing an AR-coated (anti-reflective) glass lens at an angle (with respect to light source) will generally produce some ‘color’.

The purple (or is it magenta?) “colored” AR glass seems to be fairly common.

But there are also bluish ones. (and maybe some other colors)

(I seem to recall reading that certain “color” can very slightly affect the tint of the LED beam though — become a bit more “greenish” in some cases. I can’t remember though from other discussions which ‘color’ AR-coated glass will be “less green” compared to others.. (maybe if someone has more experience about the different colored AR glass lens).

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AntiReflective coating increases how much light gets through the glass lens. I do not recommend removing it.

Some lenses have a coating with a larger effect on tint, for example a recent test of a convoy lens, increased duv by 0.0020, which is large enough change to be visible. But instead of removing the coating, I would shop for a replacement lens if I was trying to fine tune the Tint to be less green.

however, I also tested a lens from an RRT-01 and from a V10r, and the Tint change was essentially Zero..

I dont know how much Tint impact the AR coating on the Astrolux has.. someone would need to test it…