Lumencraft Email and Website Issues

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Lumencraft Email and Website Issues

Hi all,
As of 11/16/21 the email issue has been resolved. The lumencraft sit is working as is the customer service email. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who reported the issues with the website this weekend! So sorry for the problems. “Upgrading” to Prestashop 1.7 was a horrible mistake I hope no one else ever makes. I think the checkout issue is finally resolved. Orders are processing and shipping.

Just now I found out there is also a tragic issue with my google mail client. I use google workspace to get my “” addresses and just now I found out my primary email has not been sending or receiving email at all since November 6th!! Workspace been loosing emails from the beginning, but this is a new development. I am hoping the guy who works on my website can fix this (even though the problem is with workspace). I have temporarily re-enabled my old asflashlights@gmail account so you can contact me with any issues.

So sorry for all the trouble, I just want everyone to know if you didn’t hear from me I am not ignoring you!
If you have any website or email issues please let me know here or in the above email.

Matt Smith
Lumencraft Flashlights

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