[Review] XTAR VC4SL Charger

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[Review] XTAR VC4SL Charger

The full review of the new XTAR VC4SL Charger (4 slot, USB QC3.0 power supply, analysing functionality) is on my website:
This is latest iteration of the VC4 series, with analysing features and longer slots to accommodate protected 21700 batteries.

Product Link:

The conclusionof the review is:

Things I liked: Good value for money. High quality construction. Fits the vast majority of cylindrical NiMH and Li-ion batteries, including protected 21700. Analysing functionality (though with limited information in the manual). Recognises over discharged NiMH batteries.

Things I didn’t like: Voltage display is only steps – I would prefer voltage to be displayed accurate to 2 decimal places (e.g. 4.19V). No percentage full indication. I had connectivity issues with a flat top 30Q battery.

As with all XTAR chargers, the VC4SL is high quality, well constructed, and good value for money. It is an excellent update to the VC series, with good battery compatibility and basic analysing functions. It is thus one of the best USB powered and consumer chargers available. It could be improved with more accurate voltage display, and % full indication.

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Thanks for making this review.

Just wondering, when you dim the display screen on the VC4SL (holding down the Mode button will dim/turn Off the display), does the display become totally Off (nothing visible) or it just becomes very dim?

On the previous Xtar VC4S, holding down the Disp button will dim the display = the display becomes very very dim, but the display is still barely visible when used in a dark room.