Remember the day you got your first Sky Ray King?

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Remember the day you got your first Sky Ray King?

I do, couldn’t wait for darkness to fall upon me.

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I got one in 2019 secondhand. Made in 2014 (?) One with the screw in shelf, 4 xm-l. I measured it at about 2400 lumens with VTC6. It wasn’t the brightest light I owned (I had a C8 with xhp50.2 that did 3100 Lumens at the time), but lots of mod potential. It now has 4 sst40s, I improved the thermal path, added copper and aluminum heat sinking, brass screws, bypassed tailsprings and added a proper FET driver. Does about 6000+ Lumens (measured) now and a ton nicer beam.

Yep…the glory days of flashlights.

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I was new into flashlights then, the SRK came and I wanted it.

I waited for a long while until different makers joined the fray and IIRC, I even posted “who makes the real SRK.

Other similar lights eventually came into the market which eventually led me out of the SRK bandwagon.

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I was just considering selling my SRK since it’s been sitting in the flashlight drawer for years. It’s the 3 xm-l version. But after handling it I realized how much utility they have. High/low mode with 1 hidden blinky. Maybe only 2k lumens. But it’ll run forever on 4 modern cells. I’m one of those that’ll drain my battery with turbo even when I don’t exactly need it. Plus the beam is a nice middle ground and clean. Paper white, no blue tinge. Also noticed the lens is pretty thick at 1/8”

I think it has a new home in one of the trucks now.

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i didn;t go there

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