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Hello from Mississippi

Hey everyone, I use to be on here a few years ago, under speed4goal some of the older members may remember me. I no longer have access to that email account. Long story short, I’m starting over, during my seperation the ex took everything of value including all my flashlights and tools etc.

It’s good to be back on here, I don’t know if Dale is still on here. He use to make some great custom lights. Lots of talent here, and the people here years back help teach me how to solder my own lights together.

I’m excited to see what’s changed over the last few years. Last time I was really on the forum everyone was waiting for a decent. Single 18650 boost driver that could power 6v LEDs that was supposed to be coming out then. MTN was supposed to get them. I’m sure that’s come and gone and better upgrades. Just glad to be back.
It wasn’t all for nothing, she may have taken and sold all my hobby materials and tools. I got full custody of my 3 kids, so it all worked out. As soon as I get back to work, I will start buying and building again and getting my kids back into it. I’m sure they have some great chargers and batteries out now. When I say I have to start over I have the light on my phone. So men, protect your assets. The one you marry isn’t the same one you divorce

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We're very glad to have you here, Speed4goal2!

If you PM Mr. Admin, you might be able to get your old account back even though you don't have access to your old email.

It might be worth a try.


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Long Time No See —- Sounds like you’ve been on an Adventure from Hell — Man that’s Cold — take a mans Lights

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Welcome back to BLF Speed4goal2! Sounds like you came out way ahead getting full custody of your kids, but it sucks that you lost all your flashlights.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.