WTS: BLF GT with bag & cap set - UK - SOLD

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WTS: BLF GT with bag & cap set - UK - SOLD

EDIT: This is now SOLD.

I’m finally looking to sell the BLT GT I barely ever used. It definitely was one of my more regretful purchases that saw little use. Beyond the one time I took it weekend camping for 15 mins of use over a hillside and a handful of other short times used, it has been sitting in the bag with the cap over it for the entirety of my possession of it. I want the space back so keen to sell it.

Key facts:

1) This is a second batch BLF GT with box, o-rings, manual, bag with strap, and cap
2) I cannot find in any of my emails the emitter temp, but it looks very much NW. I’m a NW person so it makes sense. See picture.
3) There is a small ding on the bezel, maybe 1×2mm, and there is also a very light scratch on the anodising, otherwise it looks great. See pictures for both.
4) There are no batteries included
5) UK shipping only
6) £100 including shipping

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I’ll take it