【Winners announced】【Giveaways】New Release SFT40 Multifunctional Headlamp

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【Winners announced】【Giveaways】New Release SFT40 Multifunctional Headlamp

Hi, guys!

Thank you for your active participation. The list of winners we got through the random.org website is as follows:
*1,#91 ohbreeeezy
2,#69 wilkins1kc
3,#24 korpzgrinda*

Congratulations! Please PM us to send your recipient information including name, address, phone number, etc. We will send the prize as soon as possible.
Thank you, everyone. Have a nice day! Beer

Star Star Star Star

I think you will be very interested in this product. It is a practical headlamp named HS5R. The features of this headlamp are as follows, hope you will like it. Big Smile

1 * LUMINUS SFT40 cold white LED, 2 * red LEDs with 50,000 hours of lifespan.
 1 * 18650 and compatible with 2*CR123A batteries.
Intelligent IC controls temperature.
Mode memory function.
Electronic anti-reverse connection design, compatible with flat batteries.
Red and white dual light source to meet the needs of multi-scene lighting.
Button lock protection function.
Battery level and charging indication function.
Made of A6061-T6 aircraft-grade hard aluminum alloy.
Ultra-thin lens.
Magnetic suction tail cap.
All-metal design.
Can be used as a flashlight.
TYPE-C high current charging.
Maximum brightness output 1300 lumens & 200 meters.
IPX8 waterproof level, 2 meters impact resistance.
 Spotlight & floodlight.
Workable temperature: -30℃ to 50℃.
Weight: headlamp 47g; headlamp(including battery) 94g; headlamp(including battery) with accessories (headband, bracket) 135g.
Dimension: 92mm (length) * 23mm (height) * 28mm (width).


Hi, guys!

We will have a new headlamp released in Jun.

Equipped with an SFT 40 LED, it is a high brightness multi-light headlamp designed for outdoor sports, industrial work, repair, and camping. Lightweight metal shell, IPX8 waterproof protection level, ultra-thin lens. support TYPE-C charging. Wider headlamp strap to wear more stability. It can meet your lighting needs in different environments.


What does it look like? How many lumens does it output? What is its UI interface like? What kind of battery does it have and how does it last? You may be curious about it, leave your comments. We will randomly draw 3 lucky winners in the comments section to win our newest headlamp!


A. Post a comment on ‘Cyansky 2022’or share your thoughts on this new headlamp.
B. You have to be A BLF member before 1st Jan. 2022.
C. Your post number is your lucky number.
D. Each account has one chance.
E. 3 Winners picked by random.org on 31th May (GMT+8).

You may be the first lucky guy to own the Cyansky newest headlamp. Good luck.

We are focusing on making high-level LED flashlights for hunting and shooting, tactical and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC, and so on.
Web: www.cyanskylight.com
Shop: www.cyanskystore.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shops/cyansky-official
AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/912662624

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The wider head strap sounds great.

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Looks good O_O

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Is the flashlight going to utilize buck converter?

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A red emitter is a must have in a head torch, especially if you want to use it when star gazing.

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Is it going to be L-shaped or T-shaped?

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I’m curious if it has any secondaries
Thank you for the giveaway

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Might be a rotating headlamp with secondary light and longer runtime 

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SFT-40 is great when outdoors. But what if in crawlspace? Second emitter or diffuser?

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What is the weight?

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A type-C rechargeable headlamp!

I want it!
I need it!
I love it!

Very cool!


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I hope it is 21700 battery and white, red, UV LEDs on triple Mcpcb.


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I hate heavy headlamps so it is a good move by you Cyansky to go with a light weight headlamp.

Thanks for the GAW!

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L shaped would be best! Thanks

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Cyansky is developing some really nice products. I really hope this headlight is floody and has an high CRI led.

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New Cyansky headlamp!?​ Sounds interesting. I like a lightweight single strap headlamp.
Thanks for GAW.

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SFT40 is an interesting emitter choice. It should provide good throw. Do you have any photos of this new model?

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Looks good to me Thumbs Up

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I would like it to be detachable from the headband and have a magnetic tail cap as well as a 21700 battery for more range.




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I have the HS6R and it’s about perfect. I prefer t-shape headlamps. Probably has a high cri floddy emitter. If you swapped the sst40 for the SFT40-W and change the optic a bit (or left it alone), that would be awesome. Maybe inside a higher capacity battery 3100 mah? Keep it 18650 for lightweight though. Output? 1500 lumens for the SFT40-W and 800 for the high cri emitter.

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Eh, the SFT-40 LED wouldn’t be my first choice.

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L-shape with a 21700 would be something I’d be interested in.

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Looks good!

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headlamp with USB-C charging sounds great; the smaller and lighter, the better

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Please make it a 16340 format, single emitter, obviously side switch, powerbank feature (may seem useless with the batttery format, but you never know) and as light as possible!

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The SFT-40 is one of my new favorite LEDs! A headlamp with it and usb c should be awesome!

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Thanks for introducing another headlamp, and for the GAW, Cyansky. My most-used type of light, can never have too many!

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The USB charging is very useful. Thanks for the chance!

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Wider more stable strap is a good feature.

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red emiter

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interested! sounds like it will work great for outdoor night hikes