Flashlight without or little light below 550nm/UV?

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Flashlight without or little light below 550nm/UV?

It’s well known in beer brewing that violet/blue light, wavelengths 350-550nm in particular, when in contact with beer creates flavor compounds (mercaptans) resembling skunks. On a sunny day in a clear glass this can happen relatively quickly.

I work at a brewery and was researching new flashlights and apparently LEDs can skunk beer.

I was wondering if there are any lights or specific LED models that don’t emit light below 550nm? Is there a special term I should be searching for? When searching about UV I tend to get ones that emit not omit that wavelength range.
I guess I could filter the light somehow alternatively but would prefer just finding a light I can shine and leave running at times for in process beer.

I guess I’m open to non LED options as well if these aren’t a thing.


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Basically, you want a red light Smile

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Also CSLNM1.FY will give you higher CRI than a red light if a little under 550 nm is ok.

For red I recommend CSLNM1.23 (620 nm) or SST-20-DR (660 nm), both will give no light under 550 nm.

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> I work at a brewery and was researching new flashlights and apparently LEDs can skunk beer.

well, you can still use your flashlight to see stuff at the brewery, while the beer is in light proof containers… just dont shine your light into your clear beerglass..

and, get a Stein and shine your flashlight at it all you like

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See down below. Not even close.

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